Cub Report

Currently, there are 34 Cubs in the pack: 5 moved up from Beavers and 1 direct entry in January; 5 moved up from Beavers in October. We have 3 Cubs who are now age to move to Scouts, but they don’t seem to want to go.

Since our last meeting we have been really busy. We had 14 Cubs with us at the Group Camp at Fordell Firs in September, where a great time was had by all: grass sledging, karting and archery. We also had a great time at Louise’s Olympic Games.

However the massive game of steal was a bit dodgy as there were accusations of cheating by some of the older members of the group. Thanks to Gavin and George for organising everything.

We had our customary Hallowe’en party at the end of October where everyone got dressed up. Another fun packed evening.

In November the pack did the Scientist badge, where they made glowies, salt crystals and planted cress seed.

We had 5 Cubs attend the Remembrance Day parade.

Also in November the pack visited Bathgate Fire Station. We were given a guided tour of the station and shown all the equipment on a fire engine. The Cubs all had a go at squirting a fire hose across the station car park. Thanks to Blue Watch for their time.

December saw various fun packed evenings, finishing with a games night before the Christmas break.

During the holidays we went to the Pantomime (Cinderella) at the Kings Theatre in Glasgow; another fabulous show. Thanks once again to Gavin for giving up valuable drinking time at the leaders weekend to organise this.

So far this term the pack have completed the Emergency Aid stage 2 badge.

We are currently working through the Home Safety badge, with a view to gaining the Community Challenge badge.

We are looking forward to another busy year. We plan to return to The Craigs in May for our Cub camp.

Thanks once again to our leadership team Gordon, Paul, Neil and Nathan Daly ( who has recently joined our team). For all their effort and hard work throughout the year.

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