Cub September Report

Cub Section Report September 2013
We currently have 25 Cubs in the pack with 5 having recently moved up from Beavers.
Two are Scout age and will start linking with the Scout troop after the October holiday.
Since the last report, the pack has been camping at The Craigs. Twenty seven Cubs attended and, despite the terrible weather, the majority had a great time, even if our hike to Cairnpapple was a wash out. The games in the Jubilee shelter and the chippy dinner made up for things.
The Pack took part in the Brucefield Church parade, Civic Week and Gala Day parades, and although we had a reasonable attendance at these we could do better. We took part in the Civic Week Quiz, but didn’t manage to continue our recent winning streak.
The Pack worked hard to gain the Communicator badge, which involved learning semaphore, morse code and how to use a mobile phone amongst other things.
The Pack has started working on the Scottish Cub challenge badge, which will probably keep them occupied until Christmas.
We are looking forward to the Group camp at Auchengillan next week, where Gavin and George have organised some great activities and, hopefully, steak pie. We also have the District Parade to look forward to in October.
Thanks once again to Paul, Steven and Neil for everything they do throughout the year and a warm welcome to Explorer Scout Mark McGuire who has recently joined us.

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