Cub Report

Cub Report 2014
The Cubs have had another busy year. Currently there are 29 Cubs in the Pack; 6 less than last year at this time.
Last May, the Pack had their annual camp at the Craigs. 28 Cubs attended. Although the weather was terrible and our hike up Cairnpapple a wash out, we still had a great time: playing games in the Jubilee shelter on the Saturday afternoon and our semi-indoor camp fire.
In June, we took part in the civic week and gala day parades. These were not greatly attended; however, we live in hope.
Unfortunately, the Cubs finally relinquished their grip on the civic week quiz shield, losing narrowly to the Brownies. (enough said)
Also in June we went on our now annual, joint trip, with the Beavers to Polkemmet park. The children had a great time and the midges had a feast.
After the summer holidays the Pack spent several weeks working on the Scottish Cub Challenge Badge, which involved various activities, like walking the distance of the height of Ben Nevis; learning about St. Andrew; comparing the largest rivers, lakes, mountains and cities in Scotland with the rest of the world. This also incorporated a St. Andrew’s evening which involved Scottish country dancing, singing some Scottish songs (which helped earn the pack the Entertainer Badge) and, of course, no St Andrew’s night would be complete without Irn Bru and shortbread.
We had our customary Hallowe’en party at the end of October, where everyone got dressed up. This was another fun packed evening of traditional activities.
During the Christmas holidays we went to the pantomime (‘Aladdin’) at the Kings Theatre in Glasgow – another fabulous show. Thanks once again to Gavin for organising this.
Over the past few months, the Pack has earned the Map Reader badge and the Athletes badge. They have also learned some pioneering skills: knots, lashings, etc.
Last month we had 22 Cubs at our annual camp at the Craigs, where they learned how to put up tents and light fires. We also built some A frames, did some tracking, and took part in a treasure hunt. This earned those at camp the Outdoor Challenge Badge. This year the weather was much kinder to us and when we returned to Whitburn on the Sunday, there were 22 very tired, grubby but happy Cubs.
From the 22 who were at camp, 13 got the 1 nights away badge; 4 the 5 nights away badge, and 1 the 10 nights away badge.

9 Cubs attended the district parade at Linlithgow recently (still living in hope).
Up and coming events are our annual trip to Polkemmet with the Beavers, which has been brought forward to the 22nd of May, due to elections. Hopefully we can regain the Civic Week quiz shield this year.
The Cubs continue doing their own badge work, with the Collector badge still being the most popular.
Thanks once again to Paul, Steven and Neil. Thanks also to Aimee and Ruaraidh our Explorer Scouts ,who have recently come to help with the pack, and are a very welcome addition.

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