AGM Report – May 2014

We currently have 41 Beaver Scouts. At the last AGM we had 46. Throughout the year, Beavers have regularly moved to Cubs. A “link” process has been introduced to help the transition, with Beavers visiting the Cubs for part of the evening over a number of weeks prior to joining properly.


The Beaver section continues to regularly try to recruit new Beavers, particularly at the start of each term but especially in August on our return from the summer break – promotional leaflets to primary schools, Courier notices, posters in local shops, the Group website and a banner displayed outside the church on East Main Street for the first time this year – are all used.


The Beavers have attended a number of terrific events during the year including a trip to East Links farm, Dunbar, in June 2013, our last meeting in June 2013 was at Polkemmet Country Park along with Cubs, the

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Group pantomime in January 2014 and a visit to Monster Mania (indoor soft play area) in Falkirk in February 2014.


The “Challenge Badge cycle” continues as ever with the six badges being award during the course of the year as a result of Thursday night programmes. We also continue to present an array of Activity badges each week with Beavers bringing along terrific materials to achieve the award requirements. The Scout Association has recently introduces 9 new Activity badges including gardner, camp craft and photography.


The entire leadership team is thanked, as always, for their superb input and efforts. We have recently been joined by Caitlin Johnstone, as a result of Gordon’s recruitment letter, and she is a terrific addition to the team.

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