Cub Pack Forum

The Cub pack recently had their first ever Pack Forum as part of the new Teamwork challenge badg2015cu-cs-teae.  Items discussed were suggestions for future outings, favourite TV shows and any other business.  The cubs first chose a chairman, Katie, and then a secretary, Cameron.  Katie lead the meeting whilst Cameron took notes.  The teamwork badge involves lots of team building and games where the cubs learn how to work as a team; communicating, co-operating, roles and encouragement.   As a result of the first pack forum, we agreed that the hall needs more colour and the sixes would like their own corner.  For future outings, the idea of a Blackpool trip was ruled out as being too far away, but the idea of a trip to the Science center sounds good. In the last week, there will be another pack forum with the cubs coming up with what to discuss this week.

Meeting Minutes

7th Whitburn Cubs  Pack Forum 1

15th September 2016

Chair : Katie Clark

Secretary : Sam Laird


  1. Suggestions for future outings
  2. What TV programs you like to watch
  3. Any other business


Suggestions for future outings

  • Blackpool
  • London
  • Trampolines
  • Summer camp (M&Ds)
  • Science center

What TV programs you like to watch

  • Adventure Time
  • Tom and Jerry
  • Masterchef
  • Lego Show
  • Jaws
  • Avatar
  • Paralympics
  • Ghostbusters
  • Supernatural

Any other business

  • Can we play rugby? Discussed – could get hurt
  • Hall to be colourful
  • Sixes corners. (Paul offered to looking into posters that could be put up each week and make the hall more colourful too)
  • Achieving more badges (Paul will be making a sheet for the cubs to suggest what badges they can do themselves as well as what we leaders provide)
  • Extra belts
  • Shuttle running game
  • Dodge ball
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