Badges that can be done outside of Meetings

At Cub Meetings we do lots of activities, games and badge work.  We will usually work on the Challenge badges and badges such as Navigation whilst at meetings, however, there is simply not enough time to do all the badges available.  Here are some of the badges that we encourage Cubs to work on outside of meetings.  Check the Scout website for the requirements for each badge.  We simply ask for evidence that you have done the requirements. Sometimes that might be a signed letter from an instructor or teacher, but it might just be that we ask you to talk about the badge work at Cubs.

Activity Badges

Animal Carer  This is a good one to do if you have a pet, or love animals. The main criteria is too look after a pet or farm animal over a three month period.

Artist   If you like drawing or painting, or have done lots of art at school, this one is for you.

Book Reader   If you have read 6 books, you can get this badge with just a little extra work.  Coming in to discuss your favourite books and know how to use a dictionary and how to find books in a library.

Chef   If you like cooking, you’d be able to do this badge. Like the Great British Bakeoff?  Like cakes? Learn how to make them whilst earning a badge at the same time.

Collector   Every cub can get this badge.  Be it Match Attax or Lego figures; if you have a collection of favourite things, you can earn this badge by showing off your things to the other cubs.

Entertainer   If you are part of a school show, or have put on some kind of performance, this badge can be earned by telling us about it.  Even if you just like to sing lots of songs.

Hobbies   What do you like doing outside of cubs or school.  Do you make model planes?  Take photos? Does anyone still collect stamps? Let us the pack know about it and get a badge to show

Home Help   Your parents will love it if you do this badge.  Help out at home with some simple home activities such as ironing or washing up.  Part of the badge work could be to sew on one of the other badges you’ve got.

Physical Recreation   Get this badge by doing sports or games. Decided to try a new sport such as joining a football team? Tell the pack about it.

Sports Enthusiast   This is for sports that you follow or love to watch.  Did you watch the Olympics and decided that you needed to learn all about the decathlon? Learn all the rules, and tell us the best things about it and earn this badge

Staged Activity Badges

These badges have different levels so that you can get the next badge as you get better or learn more.  Good examples of these badges are the musician badge and the swimming badge, if you play an instrument or are learning to swim.

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