Cubs Group Camp Report 2017

The Cubs joined the rest of the 7th Whitburn Scout group last weekend at Fordell Firs Activity Camp.  The coach left Whitburn at 6pm and headed across the new Queensferry Crossing to Fife.  For most of us, this was the first time across the bridge and we had plenty of time to have a look at it as the traffic was moving slowly.

Arriving at Fordell Firs, the cubs were happy to see that the advance party had already setup the tents and the Cubs had a good time setting up their sleeping bags and roll mats in their tents.  Once all settled in, the Cubs joined the Scout playing a wide game organised by Graeme and the explorers searching for matching pairs of signs in the woods.  There was time for some supper before bed.

In the morning, the Cubs enjoyed the first Fordell Firs led activity and had archery lessons some with bows larger than they were.  There are some potentially excellent bowmen and were able to hit the bullseye.


After that, the cubs continued with the Communicator Badge and used walkie-talkies to talk to each other from one side of the field to the other.  They played hide and seek where the pair of seekers were able to communicate using the walkie-talkies to track down the hiders.  The campsite was then overrun by the beavers arriving to visit for the day.

After lunch, there was the second Fordell activity.  Some of the cubs joined the scouts and did grass sledging whilst others did Bungie trampolining.  There was a competition to see how many flips could be done in the time allowed.

In the evening, the camp fire was led by Neil and Zack and all the cubs joined in with the singing and dancing, but  retired to sleep soon after, all tired after a busy day.

On the final day, there was games and eating smores around the camp fire but a trip to the Adventure play park.  The rain started  whilst we waiting for the bus to return, the only significant rain of the whole weekend which we can be very thankful for.

I hope all the Cubs had a great weekend, and we are already looking forward to Cub Camp next year.


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