Scout Post 2017

Letters will go out this week asking for help with the traditional Scout Post promotional leaflet drop.


This year it is taking place on Saturday 25 November from 9.30 am.   We hope as many members of the Group and families will assist.  Please note that this is in addition to assisting with the one delivery that we ask all families to do.


If you are unable to help on this day then fear not!  We’ll have leaflets available – all sorted into streets – on Tuesday 21st and Thursday 23rd November which parents/guardians can pick up and do at a time more convenient to them.


Also, thank you to everyone who has returned their Scout Post Delivery Date form.  If you haven’t, please could we have this week so that the delivery rota can be drawn up and people advised of their delivery date.  If you need a new form, please use the link below:


Parental Rota Form 2017


Many thanks in anticipation for all you help.  Any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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