Winter Zodiac Camp 2019

An intrepid and hardy group of Scouts and Explorers turned up at the Craigs on Friday night for a Winter Zodiac camp.  Despite a week of horrid weather and heavy rain, expert planning meant that the Friday night was relatively warm and dry(ish).  Despite very damp and soggy firewood, the campers soon had a fire started using flint and steel. They had a warm evening around the fire toasting marsh mellows and cooking cheesy nachos. 

The challenge for this Zodiac Camp was to sleep in a bothy and Jock’s Hut Bothy was the ideal accommodation; even though the Scouts complained about sharing the bothy with spiders.  The leaders had no such luck and had to sleep in a tent.  At least there were no spiders.

In the morning, challenge completed, square sausages were cooked up for breakfast. Camp was packed up just before the rain returned for the rest of a very wet weekend.

We all look forward to the Spring camp in hopefully warmer weather and more daylight hours.

The Zodiac Camp is open to all Explorers and Scout over the age of 12.

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