Scout Post 2019

The Scout Group’s Christmas Post Service began in 1986.  Since then over 620,000 cards have been delivered to the citizens of Whitburn, East Whitburn and Redmill – and often beyond!

The money raised through the Post helps with the running of the Group from one year to next.  It enables us to try and minimise the cost of Scouting to families and help make Scouting available to everyone. The money raised is used to pay all the annual membership fee to the Scout Association, to provide free camps and outings for our young people and to pay for transport to many events.

For the price of 30p per card, members of the public can send cards to Whitburn, East Whitburn and Redmill.

Cards can be posted at the following shops/businesses from Monday 2 December until Thursday 19 December 2019:

Gothenburg Convenience Store
East Whitburn
KeyStore (Mr Singh)
East Main Street
Rashid Brothers
Lifestyle Express (Formerly Capt Morgan’s)
East Main Street
Mia’s (Formerly Glenda’s)
West Main Street
Boots the Chemist
West Main Street
Glenmore Mini-market

The Group is indebted to the above businesses for their tremendous support and efforts with the Scout Post.

Every effort is taken to ensure we provide a quality service to the public – each card is as important to us as it is to the sender and recipient.  The public can help us greatly with this by ensuring all cards are correctly addressed with a full name, house number and street.  Every year, a large number of incorrectly addressed cards are posted and many of these often require considerable research.

Deliveries will normally take place during Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons.  Please note that Scouts and adult helpers cannot accept cards for posting from the public whilst out delivering.

Any comments or questions regarding the service should be made to Group Scout Leader Gavin Johnston on 01501 773519 or at